Verdelait (British Columbia)

  • $6.50

Verdelait is the unique, award-winning blend of cheddar, Dutch gouda and Swiss raclette developed by Natural Pastures in Courtenay on Vancouver Island. Verdelait is versatile and wonderful for cooking, grating, fondues, sandwiches, salads, you name it. It melts beautifully. Good with red or white wine.

Verdelait is combined with a variety of Island grown fresh herbs, garlic, premium cracked pepper, and even local Paper Lantern habañero peppers.

  • Pacific Pepper Verdelait is a vibrant, sassy cheese with the inferno finish of local Paper Lantern habañero peppers and premium, black pepper. Brilliant on nachos and great with a robust red wine or full-bodied beer.
  • Garlic and Chives Verdelait is a flavourul combination of cheese, herbs and spices.