Piave  (Italy)

Piave (Italy)

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Piave is an Italian cow's milk cheese named after a river by the same name.The only authentic Piave is produced in the Dolomites area of Belluno province of Veneto. Also called 'Parmesan's Cousin' due to apparent similarities in flavour, Piave is a hard, cooked curd cheese sold at five different maturation periods. As a thumb's rule, Piave is dense in texture without any open holes. The colour of the pate is white in fresco, which becomes straw coloured as the cheese matures. A sweet tasting cheese intensifies with aging. The rind is soft and clear when fresh becoming hard and brownish colour in advanced ages. The holes are also absent in aged Piave. Depending on the type, texture and flavour of the Piave, the cheese goes well as a grating as well as a table cheese. Its mild, sweet and delicate taste can be paired with Zinfandel or full-bodied red wine like Barolo and Amarone.