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Head cheesemonger at Le Grand Fromage Cheese Shop in Fernie BC

The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine and Cheese Maker – An Okanagan Cookbook

WINNER: 2014 Paris Book Festival for Best Cookbook

WINNER: 2014 World Gourmand Cookbook Award for  Best Local Cuisine Book in Canada

okanagancookbookThis farm-to-table cookbook celebrates the Okanagan Valley’s best chefs, farmers, artisans, and winemakers. The book includes sumptuous recipes created by well known local chefs from starters to mains to desserts and a special section of “”homemade”” recipes from local growers, farmers and friends. Each recipe is followed by a bio of the chef, of the farmer from where the ingredients were sourced, and of the winery related to the wine paired with the recipe. With over 160 contributors, including a combination of our celebrated chef’s recipes and those from the farm, this book is a delicious read that intoduces the reader to the people and the traditions of the Okanagan that is quickly establishing itself as a culinary destination.

Now available in Fernie at Le Grand Fromage

Grilled Halloumi

Halloumi, the non-melting cheese from Cyprus, is best fried or grilled.  It’s trendy, it’s easy, it’s gourmet and it’s quick, but the real reason to try grilled halloumi cheese on your indoor our outdoor grill is that it tastes, quite simply, incredible. It’s deliciously tangy and salty, and absolutely scrumptious when served warm.

Grilled Halloumi

halloumi grilled

  1. Pre-heat your indoor or ourdoor grill to medium heat.
  2. Slice halloumi cheese into wide, 1/2 inch thick slices and lightly brush each side with olive oil.
  3. Carefully place on grill for just a few minutes on each side, until lightly browned and gently crisped; do not over-grill.
  4. Halloumi cheese is best served immediately, while it is slightly crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside.

Grilled halloumi can be eaten just as it is. Delicious! Continue reading

Natural, reusable cheese wrap

IMG_4566 - FlatsAbeego  wraps are an alternative to plastic for storing and keeping foods fresh. They can be washed,  reused and with proper care can last for over a year.

Abeego is a fabric of hemp and organic cotton infused with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. The wraps create a breathable environment to prevent your food from spoiling. The combination of wax, resin and oil is what makes the wrap so malleable. The blend of ingredients insure a long lifespan, flexibility and adhesiveness. The material is self adhesive, so it will keep its shape when folded around food. Continue reading

Paneer: Homemade Indian Cheese

paneerPeople occasionally come looking  for that non-melting cheese that’s used in Indian cooking. Paneer is a type of fresh cottage cheese common in South Asian cuisine. In eastern parts of the Indian Subcontinent, it is generally called Chhena. It has a delicate milky flavour and is used in a  variety dishes from curries to desserts to sides.  Try googling ‘paneer recipes’ for a few million results. Continue reading

Melkbus Truffles

Melkbus 149 Truffles is a new farmstead raw-milk Gouda cheese with shavings of black Italian truffles — from The Netherlands.

The texture of Melkbus Truffle is semi-soft and slightly pliant.melkbus3 It’s rich with flavors of Italian truffles and cream. Great with dry sparkling wines, pancetta and rustic breads The flavors of cream, walnuts and earth balance the aromatic notes of truffle.

The Melkbus line of cheeses represent a collaboration between the Dutch cheesemaking company Uniekaas and a number of small family dairy farms located outside the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. Continue reading

Charcuterie: Books for meat lovers

Charcuterie is the branch of cooking Pork-Cutsdevoted to prepared meat products, primarily from pork. Originally intended as a way to preserve meat before the advent of refrigeration, cured meats are prepared today for their flavors derived from the preservation processes.

Interest in charcuterie has exploded over the past decade.  Sure, charcuterie has been around forever, but now the demand for home-made meats has reached fever pitch. People are hooked on fine meats. If you want to explore the world of cured meats and sausage making, we have a few books that will get you started. Continue reading

Fine Goat Milk Cheese from California

WhiteBabyRedCollarCypress Grove Chevre is one of North America’s best known artisan goat cheese companies. The seeds of Cypress Grove Chevre were sown in the 1970s when Mary Keehn, a single mother of four daughters living in Humboldt County, California,  began looking for a healthy source of milk for her family. As luck would have it, a neighbor had two goats. When asked by Mary if she was interested in selling them, she told her, “Honey, if you can catch them, you can have them.” Continue reading