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At Le Grand Fromage, our goal is to help you discover real cheese. The aim is to introduce people to the best in Canadian artisanal cheese, as well as specialty cheeses from around the world that you won’t find at the local grocers.

The role of the cheesemonger is to determine what an individual might like and then guide them through the available products. A great way to do that is by talking over a taste, and discussing it together.

It is important for a cheese shop to be able to inform their customers about the cheeses they carry. To bring to them the stories behind the cheese, where it was produced and what the cheese maker is striving for. With an expanding inventory of over 200 cheeses, we’re always learning about our products in order to pass on that knowledge to customers.

About The Shop

It wasn’t always my ambition to become a cheesemonger. After university I began my career as a software engineer, working in telecommunications for large multinationals. Sales, marketing, and corporate partnerships meant that I traveled regularly to the US, Europe and Asia, where I was introduced to many of the local foods and cultures.

After 20 years, I decided that I’d had enough of ‘working for the man’. Not quite ready to retire, I needed something to keep me busy so I decided to share my passion for cheese by opening a specialty cheese shop.

I’ve always been drawn to European style cheese shops. Such an incredible variety of shapes, sizes, textures, colors, aromas and flavours are available in a single product. There’s great history and tradition behind the art of cheese making and affinage (ripening), and yet artisan cheesemaking in Canada is a relatively new trend.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Stephanie

    I was at your shop last summer with my family and we had one of your gourmet grill cheeses on your lunch menu. I have been craving it for a while now and I would love to recreate it because I live in Alberta and sadly I can’t come to you. I believe it had emmenthal in it. Thank you so much. You can expect me to come back this summer.


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